Machining - Process capability

●It has a full set of design, development and manufacturing of special machine equipment, tooling, fixtures, molds, tools, inspection tools and assembly capabilities, which can meet the processing of various high-precision parts.

●There are multiple CNC deep hole equipment, which can process a maximum depth of 500mm and a diameter of φ3 mm -φ25mm;

●There are a number of high-precision CNC honing equipment; Can process up to 550mm depth, diameter φ30 mm –φ150mm;

●There are a number of CNC grinding machines, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, etc., to meet the needs of various high-precision parts.

●There is a research and development team, independent research and development of special aircraft, etc., and applied for a number of patents.


Process equipment Machinable range
CNC deep hole equipment Diameter φ3 mm -φ25mm, depth 500mm
High-precision CNC honing equipment Diameter φ30 mm –φ150mm, depth 550mm
CNC grinding machines Diameter φ10 mm – φ250mm, length 300 mm
Vertical machining center 1400mmX 650mm, height 600
Horizontal machining centers 2000mmX1200 mm, height 1200mm