Machining - Overview

For more than 30 years, Kanghui has been producing and processing the world's high-horsepower engine precision parts, small assembly assemblies and rail transit parts and components with a multi-variety, small-batch manufacturing mode. The existing rocker arm, valve guide, valve seat insert, shaft, main bearing cover and rail transit and other product production units, can produce cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron, aluminum casting, aluminum die-casting, alloy, steel, copper and powder metallurgy and other high-precision material parts.



Set casting blank, precision machining, small assembly assembly into one, provide product design and development of the whole process of manufacturing solutions, shorten the development and manufacturing cycle, and ensure product quality;


Kang Hui's solution

Kanghui prides itself on reliability and flexibility. It can provide customers with simultaneous design and technical support for product development, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and transportation, as well as one-stop solutions for materials and manufacturing support related to performance and specifications. To learn more about our manufacturing or assistance, contact our team today.