Casting - Overview

Kanghui is a 30-year-old casting processing company. In order to ensure the timely supply of high-quality casting blanks, the company invested in the construction of a modern sand-casting workshop, and adopted the international advanced and environmentally friendly DISA horizontal parting slip flask DISA MATCH 24/28 fully automatic casting production line. The second phase project is ready to start 1600 x 1600 x 500/450 multi-touch static pressure moulding line. 


Kanghui casting advantages

1) DISA horizontal parting slip flask DISA MATCH 24/28 fully automatic casting production line

● Compared with the box line, the main advantages of boxless modeling are low cost and high efficiency. For the production of small and medium-sized parts, simple parts have its advantages. 

● Stepless control the casting height to obtain different pouring pressure heads and to reduce the amount of sand used. 

● The moulding line has the stepless control technology, that can adopt suitable pressure based on the use requirements, to obtain a suitable mould hardness and to retain the best possible permeability. 

● The automatic pouring and inoculation technology ensure the stable quality of the castings. 


2) Multi-contact static pressure moulding line

● High-pressure strength, high stiffness sand box meets the requirement of high-quality large castings on the mould hardness. 

● Automated production reduces the labor consumption of large production and pollution to the environment. 


Kanghui's casting capability

1)Kanghui's casting workshop’s castings material can meet the specification of ASTM、SAE、AISI、ACI、DIN、EN、ISO & GB. 

2) We can cast a variety of grades of nodular cast iron, gray cast iron to meet the special standard requirements provided by customers. We can produce castings in different sizes and shapes. The minimum weight of the DISA line casting is 0.1 kg and the maximum weight is 60 kg. The maximum casting size is 550 x 450 x 400mm. Castings of multi-contact static pressure moulding line can weigh up to 1.5 tons. The maximum casting size is 1400 x 1400 x 600mm.