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Congratulations to Li Ruiwu, an employee of the company's technical department, for winning the title of "One of the Most Beautiful Kowloon Craftsmen"


In order to carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, create a social custom of glorious labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence, since April this year, the Organization Department of the District Party Committee, the Publicity Department of the District Party Committee, the District Federation of Trade Unions and the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau have jointly launched the "Find the Most Beautiful Kowloon Craftsmen" activity. This activity adopts two methods: recommendation selection and skill competition, through organizing primary selection, online voting, comprehensive review, political review publicity and other links, and finally selected 10 "most beautiful Kowloon craftsmen". They are outstanding representatives of tens of millions of ordinary workers, the most beautiful workers of this era.

Pride in challenges,

It's a habit for you to try to innovate,

Race against time,

You devote yourself to your studies.

You put data in your heart.

Precise handling without losing a penny,

You put passion in your blood,

No fear of defeat.

Every day is new, and every day is new,

Where there is a will, there is a way.

From 2014 to the present, we have applied for and passed the "valve rotor milling processing positioning assembly", "multi-station milling valve pressure plate tooling", "reaming tooling", "tightness test equipment", "valve pressure plate grinding tooling", "split countersinking knife", "deep ring groove sleeve knife", "automatic lathe connection equipment", "thread effective depth inspection tool", "automatic lathe storage box", "lathe sub-turret", "rocker shaft bowl plug assembly tooling", "oil cooler leak detection sealing assembly" 35 patents, including "Fuel Connection Block Drilling Tooling" and "Plunger Directional Drilling Tooling", have made significant contributions to the manufacture and improvement of Cummins products. In his spare time, he actively participates in social welfare activities and quietly contributes to the establishment of a harmonious society in his ordinary position.